SKU: 15-D07-0B45-1

TecNiq D07 – Accent Light Black 45 Degree Case

  • Allows mounting of D07 lights
  • Will work with any D07 light but fits the 45 degree versions of the D07 light the best
  • Mounts with two #6 screws
  • Bezels are available in black, white, or polished stainless steel, and in 45 degree, vertical, and horizontal orientation

$7.12 CAD

TecNiq D07

The 45 degree mounting case allows you to mount any D07 light at a 45-degree angle relative to the mounting surface.

While these bezels will work on any D07 lights, for best fit and easiest installation, use with the 45 degree light housing models (part number D07-0c45-1 where ‘c’ is light colour).

Dimensions 3 × 0.8 × 1 in

Connector Details




Mounting Info

Mounting Details

2.5" Screw Spacing

Main Amp Draw

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