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TecNiq D30 – High Output Ramp Light Pigtail Wire

  • Exterior load / scene light
  • 2000 lumens
  • Draws 1.9 amps max (nominal 1.6a)
  • 9-30vdc operational voltages
  • Projects light straight down and out to about 50 degrees off vertical
  • Ideal for lighting immediately around your vehicle.  No dark spots between your vehicle and the light beam pattern.
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Black housing, white light
  • Manufacturer spec sheet (shows dimensions) is HERE

$99.00 CAD

TecNiq D30 scene/load light


The D30 was designed as a load light for trailers with a rear flip-down ramp, but excels in many other applications as well.  Built with an aluminum heat sink housing, finished in a black powder coating will keep this light looking great for years. Surface mount installation with an IP68 Water and Dust proof rating.

The light emits 2000 lumens and is unique in that it projects light straight down and out to about 50 degree angle.   It’s ideal for illuminating the area immediately around your vehicle and out to about 20′ from the vehicle (depending on mounting height).   The housing is cast aluminum and will last for many years.

Simple + and – wires for power.  Connect to your switch system to control the light.

Dimensions 7.4 × 1.62 × 1.76 in


Connector Details

Pigtail (9")



Mounting Info

Main Amp Draw

Number of LEDs In Light

Ground Wire Colour


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