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TecNiq E10 – Ground / Pump Panel light, white

  • Ground / Pump Panel Light
  • 675 lumens
  • Draws 0.4 amp draw
  • 9-14vdc operational voltages
  • 120 x 50 degree beam pattern
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Surface mount using 2 x #10 screws (not included)
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Clear polycarbonate housing, white light
  • Also available with undermount bracket
  • Manufacturer spec sheet (shows dimensions) is HERE

$85.97 CAD

TecNiq E10 Ground Light / Pump Panel Light


The E10 is a 3-LED waterproof light that was designed for ground lighting on fire apparatus.  However, its light output combined with the rugged housing allow use in a variety of applications such as fire truck pump panels, inside truck canopies, and more.

The light emits 675 lumens for soft but useful lighting for surfaces up to about 6′ from the light.   It emits light in a 120 degree x 50 degree pattern which is ideal for ground lighting tasks (meets NFPA ground lighting requirements).

The light is available with or without the stainless-steel undermount bracket.  The bracket is a very hefty polished stainless-steel bracket and is designed for mounting the lights under a flat surface, and orients the light for 45 degree projection relative to the mounting surface.

Simple + (white) and – (black) wires for power.  Connect to your switch system to control the light.  Surface mount installation with an IP68 Water and Dust proof rating.  Lifetime warranty.

Dimensions 7.4 × 1.62 × 1.76 in


Connector Details

Pigtail (9")



Mounting Info

Main Amp Draw

Number of LEDs In Light

Ground Wire Colour

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