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TecNiq E45 – 12 LED Premium 11.5″ Aluminum Extrusion Lamp White Black Housing

  • Emits 600 lumens of white light
  • Draws 0.32 amps @ 12vdc
  • 11.5″ long x 0.55″ wide x 0.23″ thick
  • 9″ pigtail wires (no connector)
  • No switch
  • Recommended for interior use only though they will tolerate moisture well, but not water jets on a regular basis
  • Please ensure you order mounting clips as required;
    • Vertical clips (if mounted on a ceiling, will align the light so it shines straight down) part # E45-0B03-1 (2 pack)
    • Perpendicular clips (if ceiling mounted, will align the light to shine sideways) part # E45-0B04-1  (2 pack)
    • 45 degree part # E45-0B05-1  (2 pack)
  • Manufacturer’s product sheet is HERE
  • Specification sheet showing exact dimensions is HERE
  • Available in 7″, 12″, 25″, 48″, and 57″ versions in Standard or Premium versions

$42.00 CAD

TecNiq E45

The E45 is an ideal light for cabinets, inside truck canopies, and similar applications.   Is is a rigid non-flexible light designed for interior use.  The structure is an extruded aluminum channel in which LEDs are mounted.  The entire cavity is then filled with resin.   The extrusion has grooves on its side to allow it to mount using clips (not included), which is the normal mounting method.   The light may also be mounted using 3M VHB double-sided tape (not included).

The E45 comes in various lengths and in standard and Premium versions.   The Premium versions contain 2x as many LEDs as the standard version so they are twice as bright.  If your light is within 2-3′ of the surface you’re trying to illuminate, the standard will work fine.  For surfaces that are beyond 3′ or so from the light, or if you need really bright light, use the Premium.

Wiring is simply black (ground) and white (positive), connected to 12vdc.  At this time the E45 is available in white light only.

Please ensure you purchase the appropriate mounting clips.  The clips come 2 per pack and are available in vertical, horizontal/perpendicular, and 45 degree versions.  For E45 lengths over 24″ we recommend 2 sets of clips per light.

Dimensions 11.5 × 0.55 × 0.23 in

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