SKU: 15-E45-0B03-1

TecNiq E45 – Black Parallel Mount Screw Clip Qty 2

  • Orients E45 light parallel relative to the mounting surface
  • 2 clips per package
  • Mounts with 1 screw (per clip)
  • Recommend using 1 set of clips for lights up to 25″ long, and 2 sets for E45 lights longer than 25″
  • Also available in Perpendicular and 45 Degree versions
  • Works with all E45 light models

$5.64 CAD

TecNiq E45

These clips allow easy mounting of any of the E45 rigid strip-light series.  Parallel clips orient the light parallel relative to the mounting surface.  If you mount these clips on a ceiling, for example, the light would shine down onto the floor.

Clips come as a 2-pack.  We recommend one set for E45 lights up to 24″.  For longer lights, we recommend 2 sets of clips per light.  Clips are also available as Perpendicular and 45 Degree versions.




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