SKU: 15-S34-AA00-1

TecNiq S34 – Marker light, AMBER with Amber Lens

  • Includes S33-0G00-1 Grommet
  • Pigtail (bare wire) wire
  • 9-14vdc operating voltage
  • draws 0.6a average
  • Optional Stainless Steel Trim Ring available here
  • Meets PC and P2 standards
  • Lens has “PC” marking on it
  • Rotation insensitive
  • IP68 rated (waterproof / dust proof)
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Mounts in standard 3/4″ hole
  • See specification sheet HERE for detailed dimensions.
  • Available in clear or coloured lens options, and in Amber or Red light output

$7.26 CAD

TecNiq S34

Tecniq’s S34 lights are ideal for clearance light use.  They are PC rated which means they emit a 180 degree light beam.  This also means they are P2 rated since their beam width exceeds the 90 degree beam with that P2 standards require.

The S34 are “rotation insensitive” meaning they can be inserted in any direction – there is no “Up” direction to achieve proper light pattern.

An excellent, rugged light.

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.97 in


Connector Details

Sheathed Pigtail



Mounting Info

Main Amp Draw

Number of LEDs In Light

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