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Armor Express "Triton" Rifle Plate, Level III+, 10x12

Armor Express "Triton" Rifle Plate, Level III+, 10x12

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This steel rifle plate provides excellent protection, a long life, and extremely good durability.  While it is heavier than a comparable ceramic or polyethylene plate, its price and longevity make it an excellent choice for short-term wear.   It is a fantastic choice for active shooter kits and similar types of deployments.

  • Size;  10" x 12" Shooter's cut 
  • 0.21" thick (excluding the coating)
  • Weight;  7.05 lbs
  • NIJ 0101.06 certified
  • Level III+ Rating (NIJ Level III plus SS109 "green tip" protection)
  • 10 year performance warranty
  • coated with anti-spall coating
  • Made in USA
  • Single curve
  • Stand-Alone (does not need to be worn over plate backer or soft armour)
  • PDF spec sheet available here.

Tested to the following rounds;

.223 Remington Tactical Bonded Soft Point
7.62x39mm M43 (MSC)
7.62x51mm (M-80 Ball)
5.56x45mm (M193 Ball)
5.56x45mm (M855/ SS109)
.308 Winchester PSPB Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded


FINAL SALE - Due to the nature of armour products, no returns are permitted.   

LEGAL - Purchase of this item requires a valid PAL, valid body armour permit, or comply with the exemptions as listed under the BC Body Armour Control Act.  It is the customer's responsibility to comply with local laws regarding possession of armour products.  

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