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Blue Sea 7611 Battery Isolator

Blue Sea 7611 Battery Isolator

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Blue Sea's 7611 Battery Isolator allows easy and reliable connection/isolation between two battery banks.

Rather than old-fashioned style solenoids with exposed terminals, the 7611 is compact and has a cover that securely protects the high-current terminals.

OEM Version; no labels or packaging included.  Not for retail use.   
Bulk Discounts available - contact us for pricing based on desired quantity.

  • Current capacity;  120A continuous, 210 surge (max 5 minutes)
  • Max cable size;  1/0
  • Terminal stud size;  M10 (3/8" - 16)
  • Combine voltage = 13.6v (30 seconds) or 13.0v (2 mins)
  • Disconnect voltage = 12.75v
  • Overvoltage lockout = 16.0v (protects aux battery from over-voltage situations)
  • Undervoltage lockout = none
  • Indicator LED;  on face of unit.  Can also use optional external LED if desired
  • IP67 rated
  • Senses charging on either battery
  • Aux Battery Priority feature;  yes (connection optional) - this feature allows the batteries to remain connected down to 12.25v.
  • CE marked for Ignition Protected rating (under-hood ok)
  • Warranty;  Limited Lifetime by manufacturer

Manufacturer's web page is here .

Installation instructions are here (PDF).

Note that this is the same unit as Blue Sea's 7610 except that the 7610 has a low-voltage lockout and the 7611 does not.

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