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Blue Sea 7615 Power Timer

Blue Sea 7615 Power Timer

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Blue Sea Systems is a world leader in high-quality onboard electronic components.  

This Power Timer allows you to connect loads to a power source, then shut off the loads when a pre-programmed timer expires and/or if the power source voltage (i.e. - your battery) gets below a threshold.

If you experience dead batteries on your vehicle due to power draw from your auxiliary loads, or find your staff are idling their vehicle just so they can hear the 2-way radio, the power timer is an excellent solution to those issues.  It is completely automatic and requires no user intervention to turn on or off.

The timer can turn on with ignition sense (connect ignition signal to a pin on the timer) or via voltage rise, or both.  Whether the timer will turn on/off with voltage rise is configurable via a dip switch on the back of the timer.

OEM Version; no labels or packaging included.  Not for retail use.   
Bulk Discounts available - contact us for pricing based on desired quantity.

  • works on 12volt DC systems (9-16vdc input)
  • Power rating;  120A continuous, 210A surge (max 5 minutes)
  • Includes cover that conceals and protects the high-current terminals
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Timeout settings;  5 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr., 1.5hr., 2hr., 4 hr.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect thresholds;  11.0v, 11.5v, 12.0v
  • Terminal stud side = M10 (3/8" x 16)
  • Overvoltage lockout = 16v (5 seconds)
  • Status LED;  on face of device.  Can connect optional external LED 
  • Mounting;  surface mount, 4 screw holes in base of unit

Manufacturer's web page is here.

Installation instructions and settings are here (PDF).

Dimensioned drawing is here (PDF).

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