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Busch Protective AMP-1E Ballistic Helmet IIIA

Busch Protective AMP-1E Ballistic Helmet IIIA

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NVG Mount

Busch Protective is a tier-1 German manufacturer of ballistic and non-ballistic helmets. The AMP-1E is an excellent ballistic helmet for level IIIA protection against handgun threats, fragmentation, and impacts.

While there are lots of IIIA-rated helmets on the market, the Busch provides demonstrably-better performance than others, and has significantly reduced backface deformation (arguably, the most critical factor regarding TBI prevention) versus competitors.

While this helmet is slightly heavier than a UHMWPE (polyethylene) helmet, it protects better.  Unlike PE helmets, which cannot be stored in a hot location such as the trunk of a car, Kevlar fiber can be stored in hot and cold environments.

What about the low price, you might ask?  Why is this helmet under $1000 while competitors are more than 2x the price?  We purchase directly from Busch Protective, not through a master distributor.  This allows us to sell an excellent helmet at surprisingly low prices.  Kevlar-based helmets also have a low manufacturing cost vs. PE helmets.

Sizing;  while most helmets have between 2-5 sizes in order to meet Military requirements, Busch specializes in Law Enforcement helmets.  Their one-size system fits pretty much anyone (we've never had a customer tell us it didn't fit), so you can outfit your entire department with a single helmet model number.  No more hunting for the right size helmet!

  • Construction;  Kevlar fiber
  • Style;  high cut
  • Shock absorption;  CPP-1 E+ Pad System
  • Certification;
    • Backface testing;  HPW-TP0401-018
    • Tested to NIJ 0106.01 IIIA (Chesapeake Labs)
    • Stanag 2920 17 grain fragmentation
    • Stanag accelerated aging test
    • Blunt Impact AR-PD-10-US
  • Harness;  CRS-2
  • Size;  one size fits most;  52-63cm (imperial 6.5-8.0") via wheel dial adjustment
  • Weight (with rails but no NVG mount); 
  • Rails;  comes with CMR-1 rail system
  • Wilson NVG Mount optional (specify at time of order)
  • Velcro kit and NVG mount shown in images is optional
  • Patented "Speed Connect System" allows quick visor attachment (optional)
  • Colours;
    • Black (generally stocked)
    • Olive Green (special order)

A common question we get is whether this helmet carries NIJ certification.  NIJ does not certify helmets, so there is no such thing as an NIJ Certified ballistic helmet.  This Busch helmet is tested to NIJ 0106.01 standards for relevant portions and has much better Back Face Deformation results than other Ballistic helmets.   

FINAL SALE - Due to the nature of armour products, no returns are permitted.   

LEGAL - Purchase of this item requires a valid PAL, valid body armour permit, or comply with the exemptions as listed under the BC Body Armour Control Act.  It is the customer's responsibility to comply with local laws regarding possession of armour products.  

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