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Federal Signal "Pathway" Light/Siren controller

Federal Signal "Pathway" Light/Siren controller

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Control Head Style

 Pathway 100 Light/Siren Controller

The Pathway 100 is a fully digital / fully programmable light and siren controller.  Each button and switch on the control head (5 control head options available) can be programmed to perform multiple functions.   The fully-digital circuitry includes auto-limiting 12 volt outputs (a digital fuse system), programmable inputs and outputs, and much more.

The PW100 will run ONE x 100 watt siren speaker (not two).   It will not interface to your vehicle via the car's OBD port.  If you need those functions, have a look at the Pathfinder PF200 or PF400 (please contact us for pricing and availability on those models).

Other Federal Signal digital products (such as the Allegiant lightbar) will plug directly into the Pathway for true plug-and-play connection.

An excellent light/siren controller for many police/fire applications. 

  • Siren output;  100 watts
  • FS-Join Capable; Yes
  • Public Address function;  Yes (4 and 6 button controllers require optional mic)
  • Signalmaster (directional arrow) control;  yes (for FSJoin Signalmasters)
  • Programmable inputs/outputs;  Yes
  • OBD integration;  No
  • Dual Tone siren capable;  No
  • Rumbler capable;  Yes, with additional Rumbler amplifier (not included)
  • On-Scene Sync compatible;  Yes, with optional FSSync module
  • Warranty;  5 years
  • Positive Outputs; 8 x 5A
  • Ground Outputs;  4 x 20mA
  • RJ45 ports;  2 (to connect control head/lightbar/etc.).  

Reseller / Government / Bulk discounts available.  Please contact us for pricing.

Made in USA.  5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Please see manufacturer's webpage ( HERE ) for full details.

Programming software is HERE

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