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Magnetic Mic

Magnetic Mic

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Magnetic Mic microphone hang-up

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These are an amazing invention that help make your job easier and safer!  Once you've tried these, you'll wonder how you lived without them.

A small 'shoe' slips over your existing 2-way radio or PA mic's hangup button (on the back of the handheld mic).  The magnetic portion is mounted on your dash or console (2 screws).  Simply get the mic within an inch or two of the magnetic base, and 'click' - the mic attaches to the magnetic base!

The magnet is very strong - strong enough to hold the microphone in place on rough roads, etc. , yet won't cause interference with your laptop (don't put a computing device directly on top of the magnet, of course).  

In use by tens of thousands of police/fire personnel as well as many thousands of other 2-way radio users.  

The kit comes complete with mounting screws and all hardware needed.  The mounting base screw hole pattern is identical to a standard Motorola hang-up clip, so retrofitting an existing mount is easy.

Manufacturer website is here.

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