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Mastervolt Combimaster 1500-60 (120v) *CLEARANCE - OPEN BOX*

Mastervolt Combimaster 1500-60 (120v) *CLEARANCE - OPEN BOX*

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The Mastervolt Combimaster is a high-quality combination inverter/charger.  This model will supply up to 1500 watts (continuous) of pure-sine AC output power, and up to 60 amps of DC power to charge your batteries.   Input is 120vac 15 amps.  The Combi is programable to limit charge current if necessary.  The unit has an automatic switch that will provide continuous AC output when the vehicle is unplugged from shore power (switches from AC input to DC input from your batteries as required).   

These particular Combimasters are Open Box and lightly used (2-3 months maximum) by a Government customer.  They were swapped out with another style of Combimaster due to customer's increased power requirements.

These Combimasters still carry full factory warranty, and all parts are included.   The Combi will arrive in a standard cardboard box, not the factory box.

Note that these Combimasters will not function if your shore power is a GFCI outlet.  Please contact us if you need a Combimaster that will work with a GFCI AC source.


More info, user manuals, etc. are here.

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