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Tecniq M90 Submersible Light

Tecniq M90 Submersible Light

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Tecniq's M90 light was designed for use in baitwell compartments, for constant exposure to salt water while submerged.  

  • Overall width = 0.90"
  • Overall length = 0.98"
  • Light protrudes from mounting surface by 0.215"
  • Mounts in round hole (0.65")
  • Includes 2 x gaskets and 1 x nylon nut
  • IP68 rated
  • Smooth lens surface - easy to clean
  • Includes "hood" (removable) to prevent light from projecting upwards
  • Fully potted with urethane
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green, White, or RGB (all with Clear lens),
  • 9" sheathed pigtail wire
  • Power draw;  less than 0.08 amp
  • Voltage;  9-14vdc
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Dimensioned drawing is HERE (pdf)

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